Timeshare Closing For Less Reviews

David R. 1/19

Thanks for all your hard work. You did a great job. All good here.

Laurel P. 1/19

Thank you, Susie. Great news! It was a pleasure working with you - great communication and smooth process.

Ron E. 1/19

Awesome! Thanks for all your hard work and making it so easy for us.

Dennis D. 1/19

Thank you for the very professional and expedient manner in which you have administered the sale of our timeshare. We wish you both success, happiness, and good health in the New Year.

Brenda O. 12/18

Thanks Susie! You are so wonderfully efficient!

Janet B. 12/18

Thank you for all your help. You all have been great to work with.

Dave R. 10/18

Susie, I understand why you have such high recommendations online. You can add me to the list. Thanks for such a smooth process. Hope to engage you again in a future transaction.

Erica V. 10/18

I told Brenda at Palm Springs Tennis Club that we were very pleased with your service and would highly recommend you to others.

Jim S. 8/18

Thank you so much for your help Susie. It's been a pleasure to do business with you. You make this transaction very easy.

George T. 8/18

Just got my 154000 points credited to my Wyndham account! Lightning fast!! Fastest transfer I've ever seen!! Thank you so much for all of your efforts! You are amazing!!! I have another Wyndham contract being transferred by a different transfer company. It has been in process longer than the one you did for me. I called Wyndham and asked about the status and they said it is still pending because they are still waiting for all of the proper documentation. Which means that the simple reason that yours went through so quickly is that you had absolutely everything that Wyndham needed in perfect order and so it just flew through their review process. Just one more validation that you are amazing and I am truly blessed to have had you doing this transfer for me!! So I just had to pass that along to you. Thanks again for all you did for me!

Estella B. 8/18

It was a pleasure doing business with you. Everything flowed smoothly.

Theo W. 8/18

Excellent, we're so excited. You guys were awesome and professional. Would recommend you any day of the week.

James H. 8/18

It has been a pleasure working with you and appreciate your excellent communications throughout the process. While we live only one - hour down the coast from Newport Coast, have great memories of the property, and have owned multiple weeks since 2001, it is now a very nice feeling to be free from the timeshare world!

David P. Broker 7/18

Susie, This is why I use your title services. I never have to worry about anything. You are awesome.

Bruce G. 6/18

Thanks for doing such an efficient and professional job!

Elliott L. 6/18

Appreciate the opportunity to work with you both and the excellent service you provided. Thanks again.

Wayne B. 6/18

It was a pleasure working with you. We'll be sure to recommend you, and use you again in the future.

Dennis C. 5/18

This process went very smoothly. So much happier buying this resold than how I did my first time share - straight from the developer. I'm thinking I'll probably buy another one in the next year or two. I'd love to work with you again.

Michael L. 5/18

I almost cannot believe that this is finally accomplished. You have done a great job for us and I wish that I had known Melissa earlier, when we basically gave back our other two Marriott Timeshare units.

Henri M. 4/18

I purchased 2 others from a different company and yours has completed one month before them. Way to go!

Mike S. 3/18

Thank you Susie! It has been a pleasure working with such a professional as you!!

Clark H. 3/18

Thank you so much for the updates. Based on what I have received everything has gone through as we expected. Is that correct? You have been fantastic through this entire matter. I would be happy to write you a reference, if you would like. Thank you so much.

Ken B. 1/18

Thanks for making this transaction easy!

Bruce B. 1/18

Thank you for your excellent service, Susie. We shall highly recommend you.

Mark C. 1/18

Thank you for your excellent services!

Alan R. 12/17

Thanks for that update and all your help. You have been great to work with. I will certainly reach out if I need your service again (or to refer others).

Marc G. 12/17

Many thanks for the smooth transfer process.

Robert S. 12/17

Thank you Susie for doing a great job! Happy New Year!

David P. 12/17

Susie, You are awesome!! I will be using your services a lot more.

Bill P. 12/17

I have bought and sold several resale timeshare units mainly due to changing my inventory from Marriott to Hilton Timeshares. You are an extreme exception to all previous dealing I have had throughout the last 15 years. I was under the assumption that were not any professionals that processed the paperwork in this industry. Thank you for proving me wrong. You are the "BEST" and I will be in touch should I have additional needs relating to timeshares.

Ken S. 10/17

Excellent service. Very professional handling through each step. Thank you.

Lisa S. 10/17

Thank you so much for your help. I will recommend you to others.

Cheryl W. 5/17

Hi Susie thank you so much. You have given us excellent and timely service. We will definitely use you again if we buy another week.

Steve N. 4/17

Thank you so much for all your help. It's been wonderful working with you.

Walter G. 4/17

Thank you Susie and Diane for getting it done. Everything went well. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Mike N. 4/17

That is fantastic news! Thank you Susie! We will highly recommend you to any of our friends who are in need of your services!

Lisa C. 2/17

Thank you Susie. Would you mind sending me a copy of that deed. You have been amazing to work with.

Stofel & Associates Realty 2/17

Only positive responses when working with the best!

Al M. 11/16

Thanks for the update. Your work on this has been excellent.

Oliver M. 11/16

Awesome! Thank you. This was a very smooth transaction thanks to you. We just need more money to buy 10 more.

Gary M. 10/16

Thank you - you were outstanding every step of the process. I will tell everybody who will listen to close their aftermarket timeshare sale with your firm.

Craig G. 8/16

Susie: Thanks for your help. It was nice to see your professional and efficient manner.

Pamela S. 10/16

Hi, Susie - Just a quick THANK YOU for all of your patience and assistance throughout the sale and closing of my Windjammer Landing Timeshare. I really so appreciate your responsiveness and willingness to help me move the closing along. I am thrilled that the $$ will arrive in another day or so - THANK YOU!!! Is there someplace where I can write a review to thank you?

Chris & Annette 9/15

Hi Susie, Thank you for your great service, we have been very pleased.

Michael G. 8/15

Everything is taken care of, the property is in my name with them and I can use anytime I want too. Thank you so much for the professional way you handled everything. If I ever need help again, your office will be the first I call.

Pat A. 7/15

Thanks so much for taking care of this. It's appreciated and you did an outstanding job by always being there when I called or emailed.

Chuck C. 6/15

Thank You Susie, we appreciate your help. This was very smooth. Nicely done.

Jean M. 4/15

We received a copy of the posted deed from the county & yesterday we received our check. Thank you, it was so easy doing business with you. I hope the new owners enjoy the times share as much as we did.

And So Many More!!